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HOPE for AIDS Zimbabwe: "Today for Tomorrow" (96296)
Zimbabwean children

In eight Primary Schools in Zimbabwe, volunteers enthusiastically engage with hundreds of eager children, sharing the message of Christ-centered HIV prevention.

School-kids sit riveted as peers perform unrehearsed sketches of everyday village life, portraying abuse and infidelity and its ruinous outcomes. The facial expressions of this young generation reveal an all-too-familiar understanding of the scenarios being enacted.

"Today for Tomorrow"

The Nhasi Zve Mangwana (Today for Tomorrow) programme is just one part of the growing HOPE for AIDS ministry in Zimbabwe. Carried out in partnership with the United Baptist Church (UBC), this ministry is working to meet some of the overwhelming needs brought on by the AIDS pandemic.

Rev. Maphosa with a group of children
God has called Rev. Christopher Maphosa to coordinate
this ministry.

The program is interactive and includes sports, games, drama, life skills and Bible teaching. The first arm of the program is church-based, encouraging children to live holy lives and to support their peers in the context of HIV. The second aspect of the program is community-based and aims to reach children with the love of Christ and encourage their development in all aspects of their lives.

HOPE for AIDS would like to expand the Today for Tomorrow program into all 16 of the UBC districts. God has called Rev. Christopher Maphosa, a Zimbabwean pastor (pictured below, right), to coordinate the ministry and help carry this vision further.


  • for creative ways to maintain this ministry in an increasingly difficult country
  • for many young children to give their lives to Jesus, and choose to live holy lives
  • for Pastor Maphosa to have wisdom as he leads the ministry
  • for God to provide financial resources


The main limitation facing this program is financial need. In a nation plagued with high inflation, many secular NGO's and Christian organizations have withdrawn. However, SIM is committed to staying and equipping the church to minister in the face of HIV and AIDS.

One "Today for Tomorrow" program can be supported for an entire year for USD $106, or a new one can be begun with USD $278. If God is calling you to be involved, please contact your SIM office or click the "donate now" button above.



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