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AIDS has made a devastating sweep across Malawi. It is the leading cause of death for people ages 15-49, and statistics have shown that 70% of public hospital patients are suffering from AIDS related illnesses. The health care system is stretched beyond its ability, so many ill people are sent home to be cared for by family members. Many families do not know how to care for their sick, and they leave them to suffer alone while they attend to other responsibilities.

Reaching out with Compassion

The Africa Evangelical Church (AEC), in partnership with SIM, is bringing Christ's love to the sick and suffering of Malawi through the AEC Home Based Care Project.

Volunteers visiting the sick

In three villages, HOPE for AIDS volunteers are ministering to over 135 patients. They bring practical items such as vitamins, nutritious food, and blankets. They also offer a listening ear, counsel, and hope from the Scriptures. These acts of service have made a wide impact in entire communities. In Naotcha, the village chief has directed volunteers to more homes of the sick and encouraged them to continue their hard work.

The Malawi Home Based Care project is a way for the church to show the community that it cares for them, whether Christian or not. Through the tangible ministry of compassion, they are giving HIV/AIDS victims a longer, better quality of life, dignity in death, and healing for eternity.

volunteer giving pills


You can support the work of these volunteers with your financial gift. Funds go towards

  • training seminars to equip volunteers for home-based care visits
  • equipment such as bicycles, shoes, and umbrellas
  • home-based care kits and food supplements
  • a small salary for our Malawian project manager
  • a vehicle and its upkeep to visit and deliver supplies to rural home-based Care locations.

The program is about to extend to its fourth location with 40 more patients and hopes to expand into one new village per year, but they cannot do that without the financial partnership and prayers of Christians around the world.

To get involved, contact your nearest SIM Office today.

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