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AIDS Education & Prevention in ECWA (96220)

The ECWA AIDS Ministry, or TEAM, has been working in the field of HIV and AIDS since 1996. The project was started by the then Director of Medical Services of ECWA, Dr. Randal Bailey. Presently the office offers services such as AIDS education, HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing (HCT), care and support for People infected and affected by HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and capacity building in the area of HIV and AIDS in ECWA. TEAM's primary goal is to build the capacity of ECWA churches, department, educational institutions and members to respond effectively to HIV and AIDS issues within their community.

The vision of the project is to see a sustainable Christian resource centre facilitating transformation toward an HIV-free society.

Spring of Life

What is our strategy? Spring of Life focuses on three areas:

  1. Awareness and Education
  2. Voluntary Testing and Counseling, including Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission
  3. Home-Based Care

Staff members attempt to work with terminally ill sufferers and their children before parents die, and then with the extended families who open their homes to the orphans. This level of contact ensures that funding gets to the most needy. When appropriate, extended families are assisted to develop their own income generating businesses to help support the orphans.

An AIDS Seminar

The ECWA AIDS ministry team believes it is vital to motivate local churches to be involved. They can assist in building an additional room on a house for orphans, provide assistance for school fees, or running an after school club. Local ECWA churches have stepped forward to respond to needs.


TEAM is an effective grassroots solution. The most urgent need is for funding to support these efforts. Options of how your funding could be used are as follows:

  • Home Care Kit: most AIDS sufferers die at home. As TEAM staff visit homes they can take a home care kit. These contain supplies to ease the patients' symptoms of rashes, coughing, vomiting and diarrhea, and head and neck aches. They also give the home hygiene.
  • Super Home Care Kit: contains all of the above plus an extra blanket, sheet and face cloth.
  • Needed medicines for 1 month.
  • Buy food for 1 month.
  • Pay school fees for 6 months.
  • Support a family for 1 month.
  • Set up a small business for income generation.
  • Pay rental on a house for 1 month.
  • Pay for free testing to encourage more people to be tested.

If you are interested to know more about you can be a financial partner, please contact your nearest SIM office.


  • for more opportunities for our widows and orphans; their needs are overwhelming and the support is not enough to go round.
  • for Lami Kachalla, Victoria Fidelis, Teresa Dogo -- these are few out of the many widows we have been assisting for years and are really struggling with the upkeep of their families.
  • for Ugo and Adah who are complete orphans staying with their grandmother who is aged, and the only support they have is from Orphan care.



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