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Bingham University Teaching Hospital VVF (formerly Evangel) (96209)
Adamu was leaking urine for eight
years before coming to Evangel
Hospital for surgery

"Thank you. Thank you and thank you. I thank Jesus and I thank you sponsors. I am now cured. People eat my food now. We have no church in my village, but I would love to attend church now."

This is the story of 20 year old Adamu in northern Nigeria. She was leaking urine for 8 years until she came to Evangel Hospital for surgery. When she was there, she experienced the love of Jesus for the first time. Many like Adamu hear the Gospel for the first time when they come for VVF treatment, and they make the decision to follow Christ.

VVF Medical Background

The condition known as vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) is usually from birth-related injuries. In many cases, it affects young girls who have difficulty during childbirth because their pelvis is too small. Most of the deliveries are in the village huts, far from medical help. The baby gets stuck in the birth canal, and his head wears a hole between the birth canal and bladder or rectum. So, when the baby is eventually delivered, the girl is left with a dead baby and is draining urine and/or stool continuously. She develops sores on her skin and smells horribly from the constant flow of urine and stool on her clothes.

Social Implications

Because of their odor and inability to have additional children, their husbands and family reject these girls. Since the society determines a woman's worth by her ability to have children, an infertile woman is viewed as useless. Some turn to begging and prostitution. It is estimated there are over 200,000 women in Northern Nigeria suffering with VVF.

Evangel VVF Project: More Than Surgery

VVF ward

For many years, surgeons at Evangel Hospital have been performing surgery to help these desperate women. Female chaplains work along side surgeons to provide counseling and evangelism. Knowing only rejection and ridicule, VVF patients for the first time in their lives are lovingly and unconditionally accepted and cared for by the Evangel staff.

Because the average stay is two to three weeks, there are many opportunities for spiritual and emotional counseling. Many VVF women have responded to the Gospel message presented through the love of the chaplains, hospital staff and the JESUS film. Each year about 25-45 women make a decision to commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

In addition to spiritual counsel, the women have opportunities to be trained in skills so that they can make a living. The three month program teaches dress making, knitting, cooking, and literacy classes. Graduates are equipped with a craft, an ability to make a living, and new self-confidence.

We are grateful for God’s amazing grace and work through the VVF staff at Evangel. The testimonies of transformed lives speak volumes. Please pray for the VVF chaplains at Evangel as they show the love of Christ to Nigeria’s rejected. You can also extend a hand of love to these women through your financial gifts, which make the surgery affordable to these women. Thank you for your partnership!

Christianity Today recently featured the work of Evangel Hospital's VVF ministry. Read Rescuing the Living Dead.



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