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Chichewa Bible Study Books (96058)

Between internet bookstores and Christian publishing houses, it seems as if English-speaking Bible study groups are overloaded with material to choose from. In Malawi, however, the groups are not so fortunate.

Many Christians in Malawi are thirsty for the Gospel message and want to grow in their understanding of God. In-depth study is difficult without supplementary material, and there are few materials rendered in Chichewa, the dominant language of Malawi. To Marilyn Barr, this is unacceptable.

Marilyn Barr teaching from one of the Bible study books she has written
Marilyn Barr teaches the Bible
using the study books that she
has written.

Having lived with her husband in Malawi for the past 32 years, Marilyn has a passion encourage the Malawian people to spiritual maturity. Rather than fret about the lack of books, she stepped out in faith and began to write.

She has written more than 10 Bible study books in the Chichewa language. Marilyn shows no signs of slowing down and continues to develop material in Chichewa. God has worked extraordinarily through these Bible studies, and the books have had to be reprinted because of their popularity.

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries, with the average citizen earning less than one dollar per day. When money is tight, buying books is not given high priority. So, the costs of the books are subsidized by the contributions of others who are committed to the discipleship of Malawian people.


  • for God to use these books to help people have a deeper relationship with him.
  • for Marilyn to have creativity and clarity in her writing.
  • for the funding for more books to be printed.


If you have a heart for discipleship, and want to help the Chichewa-speaking people of Malawi grow in their understanding of God, please mark your gift for Project MW 96058.



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