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Nigeria Relief Fund (96038)

The vision of this project is to see Christians and Muslims around Jos, Nigeria, lovingly supported in the wake of sectarian violence through emergency relief in the form of food, clean water, clothing, beddings, medical supplies, fuel, and temporary shelters. Distribution will be done through local churches, SIM and ECWA Ministries, and other recognised agencies. Assistance will extend to hospitals and clinics providing medical care to survivors. Beyond immediate needs, the fund will assist to rebuild destroyed churches.


Sectarian violence throughout 2010 killed hundreds and displaced tens of thousands in the north-central city of Jos—a setting for violence with increasing frequency. Some press observers consider Jos a ‘fault line’ for religious and tribal reasons with the city's tragic events making international news. However, causes are complex and it is unwise to attribute a single reason for the violence.

The Story of One Village

Dutse Uku is a village where violent clashes in early 2010 resulted in Christians and Muslims being killed and injured, as well as the destruction of properties and resources used for the generation of income.

Listening to stories
Listening to some very tough stories
The first phase of response was to address the urgent needs of the two communities and hear their deeply moving stories. The second phase was to provide microfinance.

As a confidence building measure, it was insisted that the intended recipients of the microfinance assistance jointly attend a four-day course on business. Seeing Muslims and Christians enjoying learning together has given credence to our prayerful hope that perhaps one village will find better ways to manage community relations.

We fervently desire that one day in God’s providence the leaders will sit down and look for resolutions to the complex undercurrents that can be addressed at the village level.


  • for leaders from the national to traditional level to have an authentic desire to work for real peace in Plateau state
  • for thousands who have lost homes in the turmoil
  • that local communities will be willing to actively seek confidence building measures to increase local trust
  • thanks for those who give sacrificially in Christ’s name towards practical support to devastated people
  • for a means to address not only the consequences of sectarian violence but also to point people to Jesus Christ
  • that amidst great suffering, Jesus will be revealed as Savior and Lord

Receiving a business skills certificate



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