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Christian Education and Teacher Training (95402)

The vision of the project is to see Christ-centered quality education provided to Liberian youth. During the 14-year civil war, 80 percent of the schools were destroyed and teachers fled the country. This project works with the local church to develop Christian schools. We train teachers and provide necessary resources.

Training covers basic phonics, reading and writing skills, mathematics, science, Bible study, class management and lesson planning, etc. We have included a theme on coping with trauma using a biblical approach. Liberians have suffered greatly during the years of war and its aftermath. Many suffer the ongoing effect of trauma and this helps both children and teachers understand how God can help them live a fulfilled life.

Project funds purchase locally written reading books, Liberian mathematics books and science text books. We train the teachers in how to use these effectively. It also funds building projects such as new classrooms or latrines.

Progress is rewarding, teachers are eager to learn and help their students and the project has impacted more than 1500 pupils so far.

The cost of providing books to teach a child to read for one year is $8. A mathematics or science text book for a teacher costs $15. To sponsor a teacher through the basic Liberian Teacher Training costs $120. To purchase building materials to provide Latrines for a school which at present have no facilities costs $500.

The cost of 3 days residential teacher training for 60 teachers is $1000.

If you would consider contributing towards the vision of seeing Christ-centered education provided for Liberian youth, then please contact your your nearest SIM office or give online to project 95402.

Thank you for your partnership with us!

For a complete list of strategic funding needs, please view this brochure:
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