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ELWA Services Campus Upgrade (95348)

This project allows for the Services Department of ELWA in Monrovia, Liberia, to invest in much needed, larger capital improvements. Security at the campus has been an issue. A security wall is under construction (now 70% complete) but funds are needed to finish this building project. It will cost $30,000 to complete the security wall at ELWA.

One of our generators needs to be rebuilt and a new one purchased to ensure consistent power, especially for the hospital and radio.

If you would consider contributing towards the upgrades to the ELWA campus, then please contact your your nearest SIM office or give online to project 95348.

Thank you for your partnership with us!

Control Panel for ELWA Generators
Control Panel for ELWA Generators

For a complete list of SIM Liberia's strategic funding needs, please view our brochure:
SIM Liberia Priority Projects



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