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In Cote d'Ivoire, women who have come to know Jesus can find themselves in very vulnerable situations. They have little access to education and training, and even less access to networks that provide everything from jobs to food to spouses to medical help. The Hopestart Africa Training Project provides the necessary teaching so that these women may become self sufficient.

The women who come learn many things from the basics of sewing to how to run their own business. They are taught various principles and practices to help them produce an item efficiently. The first group began and finished in 2014. They learned how to make new products while also learning more effective ways to make old ones. They also learned how to pay bills, deal with landlords, and handle accounts.

Though we see progress in many areas, financial needs remain. This has led us to not be able to give the women a salary, but to move to a model where they are paid based on what they make. We are encouraged as new opportunities have arisen to make uniforms for local schools.

Prayer Requests
  • for new customers and orders for both workshops.
  • that the training for work uniforms could be set up and would broaden our client base and improve our skills.



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