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ELWA Hospital HIV & AIDS Education (95209)
The HIV & AIDS support group meets once
a month to encourage each other

Once a month in a small hospital chapel in Monrovia, a group meets to pray, share and learn together. What does each member in this group have in common? Each of them is living with HIV and AIDS.

Every year an estimated 2500 die from AIDS in Liberia. Because of their diagnosis, most patients have been abandoned by their families and friends, and are left to fend for themselves concerning housing, food and other daily needs. These support group meetings are an important place to be encouraged and strengthened to cope with the challenges of daily life.

The Counseling Department of Eternal Love Winning Africa (ELWA) Hospital educates, counsels, trains and assists those suffering from HIV and AIDS. The ELWA Counseling Department offers monthly group meetings, medicine, and food to those suffering from HIV and AIDS.

With support from people like you, the department has counseled hundreds of newly-diagnosed people living with HIV and AIDS. They have trained dozens of people in life skills and basic Christian counseling to equip them to live godly lives and have an impact for Christ in spite of their diagnosis. Finally, they have established a monthly support groups, have made hundreds of visits as part of a home-based care, nutrition, and support program; and have trained volunteers in local churches to develop ministries to people living with HIV and AIDS.


Would you partner financially with the HIV & AIDS Education Training Project? Your gift provides not only needed medication, but also a enables those who suffer with AIDS to overcome their fear and shame and to contribute to prevention efforts. Thank you for showing Christ's compassion to those who are suffering.



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