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Equipping Leaders (95034)

Liberia is still recovering from a crippling 14-year civil war. The SIM-related church, known as the Evangelical Church of Liberia (ECOL), is continuing to plant and nurture local churches. Currently there are about 110 churches.

Rural ECOL church leaders are hungry for biblical training that will help them lead their flocks. Seminary for these servants of God is not an option as most of them will not qualify or cannot afford the tuition.

This Project provides funding to enable ECOL to train local ECOL leaders and local missionaries to serve as rural pastors, church planters and evangelists.

ECOL, in partnership with SIM, will set up mobile training teams to conduct training in ECOL’s eight districts nationwide. This allows about 300 participants, called by God and supported by the local church, to earn a two-year Bible certificate. Project funds will cover transportation costs as well as the cost of printing workbooks for each course.

The church is growing in Liberia and this project will help build the capacity of the church and ensure strong biblical foundation. Investing in the next generation of church leaders is vital to sustain growth and bring the church to maturity.

If you would consider contributing towards the vision of seeing rural church leaders equipped and trained to lead the church, then please contact your your nearest SIM office or give online to project 95034.

Thank you for your partnership with us!

For a complete list of strategic funding needs, please view this brochure:
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