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Fulani Bible School (93916)

The establishment of the Ecole Biblique Duroowo Lobbo (EBDL, or Bible School of the Good Shepherd) is a monumental event in work among the Fulani people. To the Fulani the school is more than a place where church leaders can receive training. It is a public statement of their commitment to know God.

EBDL is the first residential Fulani-speaking Bible school in Burkina Faso, where students can be equipped to reach out to other Fulani in a way Westerners cannot. In 2013 four families will be trained for ministry among their own people.

The Fulani Church is still very small, with somewhere between 300 and 1,000 believers. At present it cannot provide financial help for those who seek training. The biggest outgoings for the school are the salaries of the two full-time professors. These salaries must come out of student fees, making a big impact on EBDL students.

This is a crucial ministry, and financial support for the professors needs to be found. This will enable student fees to be cut by nearly 50%. In turn, more students can be trained. The local church will be presented with an affordable solution to training pastors and evangelists, as well as expanding EBDL's ministry. Currently a year's salary for one professor is about GBP 1,750 (USD 2,737). It's a relatively small amount for a ministry that could have a great impact for the kingdom of God.

In February of this year a church team from Christ the Rock, Yate, UK, revisited the Bible school - their first trip was in 2010. Team leaders Gordon and Christine Molyneux report: "We were amazed to see the progress since our last visit. We were impressed with the godly Director, Pastor Abdulliah, and we were delighted that the student couple (Cuuso and Aminata), supported by our church during their three years at the school, are about to graduate and commence ministry to their own people. We have been thrilled to help in this strategic way."

Perhaps you or your church would be interested in getting involved in training Fulani church leaders? To find out more, please contact your nearest SIM office.

Fulani Bible School

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION 2009: A small, but growing Fulani Christian community in Burkina Faso is being discipled in a variety of ways. However, there is no residential school in Burkina to provide intensive theological training.

Those who seek this kind of training go to the Benin N'Dali school, which is very distant and much more expensive. This is why SIM Burkina Faso is moving forward to build a locally-based school that will be open to all denominations and will equip Fulani believers to better reach out to new communities. It will be instrumental in preparing them as pastors and teachers of the Gospel.

These are exciting changes for those who have labored in God's harvest in Burkina Faso!



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