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Wells for Burkina (93855)
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In many communities along the rim of the Sahara Desert, water is a scarce commodity. The water table is typically too deep for hand-dug wells, and inadequate rainfalls means there are no permanent lakes or rivers. Lack of access to safe drinking water has serious health implications. Water-borne disease is a major cause of infant mortality in Africa. Hundreds of thousands of children under the age of five die annually—many due to diseases transmitted through contaminated water.

This project funds well-drilling in communities that chronically lack clean water. Integrated with a broad holistic strategy, the focus of drilling is in areas where evangelism and church planting are earnestly underway. SIM's church partner, the Eglises Evangeliques/SIM (EE/SIM), leads over 500 established and developing churches. Burkinabe and SIM missionaries work side-by-side in seven locations, mostly in holistic ministry to the Muslim Fulani tribe. In each location, discipleship and Bible teaching are integrated with a response to physical needs. The Muslim Fulanis are historically not receptive to Gospel, but practical ministry lends credibility and has inspired a readiness to listen unseen in previous years.

In light of the vulnerability of children to disease through contaminated water, wells will be dug at four church-run elementary schools in Piela, Mahadaga, Nindouga and Fada. The SIM Burkina Faso team will work with local and international partners—Friends in Action and local drilling companies such as Beth-Tsur—to ensure the most cost effective methods of drilling.


If you would like to partner with the Burkinabe church in a holistic ministry which targets the health of children, then please consider giving towards this project.



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