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Alalfia AIDS Ministry of Northern Benin (93234)
Martha and Boniface in front of Alafia ministry sign

“Alafia”, meaning “peace” or “good health” in many of the vernacular languages in northern Benin, exists to bring God’s love and hope to people living with HIV and AIDS.. Based at the UEEB (Union des Eglises Evangélique du Bénin) Evangelical Hospital in Bembereke (HEB), the ministry is the joint vision of Martha Koetsier, an SIM nurse, and Boniface Sacca, a Beninese nurse.

The “Alafia” project provides follow up care to AIDS patients in their homes, which includes the use of antiretroviral drugs. This is being achieved through the work of the trained National AIDS Coordinator, Boniface Sacca, who is also responsible for the training of volunteers in the villages, and providing AIDS prevention education.

Compassionate Home Care

Besides administering medical care, UEEB Pastor Jean Sidi, Martha, Boniface, and trained church volunteers regularly do home visits in the many surrounding villages and towns, bringing reality to the words in Romans 10:15 "how beautiful are the feet of him who brings good news."

Pastor Jean and Boniface on a home-care visit
Pastor Jean, left, and Boniface, far right visit a family

A recent call to "T"'s home was welcomed by her 6 children, who look forward to the monthly visit. Boniface gave her the tablets she would need for the next month, and then pastor Jean gave a short meditation about God's love, singing a chorus in Bariba while bouncing one of the children on his knees. T's mother quietly listened, standing in the doorway. Both she and her mother are Muslims, but they welcome the help that they are receiving in Jesus' name.

Sometimes home-care visitors encounter sad and discouraging situations. Like Jesus, they show compassion and extend hope in the face of despair, stigma, and abuse, and from time to time, they see redemption and hope like they did in Zina's story.


You may not be able to be the “beautiful feet bringing good news”, but through your partnership, this dedicated team can be that on your behalf. AIDS victims in Benin are extremely marginalized, like the people that Jesus sought to minister to. Please consider financially supporting this vital ministry, so that people living with HIV and AIDS will know that they are loved!


  • That the stigmatization of patients will diminish.
  • That the role of Boniface as National AIDS coordinator will become better defined.
  • That Alafia can find a reliable financial partner, so we can plan and organize our work better.



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