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Nikki Training Centre for Girls (93035)
The Nikki Training Center for Girls has a vision to fight illiteracy by providing quality education in Bariba and basic French, to provide a Christian, Bible-based education which includes Bible teaching and social and health development. The Center will also provide training to enable the girls to participate actively in the community such skills as sewing, knitting, weaving and cooking.


- To provide up to 60 young, Bariba-speaking girls from poor and illiterate communities with literacy training in Bariba and French, vocational skills such as sewing, knitting or weaving, Bible teaching and classes in social and development three-year program.
- To increase the number of on-site facilities and renew two aged houses.
- To provide up to 95 Christian and Non- Christian Bariba girls with adequate living conditions and a supportive environment in which they can be affirmed and discipled in their faith in Jesus Christ and confronted with the reality of Christís love for them.



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