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Evangelical Theological College Building Expansion (92940)
The need for theological education in Ethiopia is significant. Evangelical Theological College wants to increase its service to Ethiopia and beyond by dramatically enhancing its facilities to meet this need. As part of the new 2,000 square meter campus, ETC has a vision to build a 13 story building that will enable us to:

  • To equip more ministers in undergraduate and graduate programs to meet the growing needs of the churches for trained leadership.
  • To provide guest house/dormitory facilities and high quality classrooms, seminar rooms and lecture halls that will enable us to run modular masters level programs for students coming from different parts of the country and outside of Ethiopia, as well as to host international guest faculty.
  • To organize and host local, national, and international conferences that will expand our ministry horizon.
  • To attract and maintain excellent faculty and staff because we will be able to pay reasonable salaries due to the income generated from renting portions of the building out.



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