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Mekihima: Fellowship Bible Studies (92830)
Ethiopian man studying the BIble
  Federal prisoners completed 50 weeks
of Mekihima Bible Study program.

The Fellowship Bible Study program, otherwise known as Mekihima (an acronym for the Amharic name) was begun over 13 years ago by Desma Lewis. Initially the program reached the EKHC churches, SIM's partner in Ethiopia. Today it has grown to an estimated 80,000 members in study groups. Study books have been written for most books of the Bible. Study materials are translated into four of the principle languages used by the Ethiopian church. A special feature of Mekihima is the emphasis placed on training group leaders in the skills needed to lead a small group Bible study.

Although the six million member Kale Heywot Church (EKHC) continues to be a special focus, Mekihima training and study materials are now being used by Prison Fellowship, Hope for All, and most evangelical denominations.



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