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The vision of NOMAD is for the ‘A’s, Muslim nomads in the Horn of Africa, to become very familiar with the stories of the Bible through broadcasting daily radio programs. Our aim is to be like John the Baptist, preparing a straight way in the desert for our Lord (Isaiah 40:3-5), so that workers in the field find ‘As’ more receptive to the message of the Gospel.

By the year 2000 workers had been among these nomads for over 60 years. Only 20 to 30 believers ever existed at any one time among these two million Muslim pastoralists. Then it was determined that the best way to introduce these thoroughly oral and illiterate people to the Word of God would be to do Chronological Bible Storying on the radio. Today, seven years since the broadcasts began, more than 1,000 follow Jesus Christ!

The first 15 minutes of each broadcast focuses on ‘A’ culture, health, ethics and relationships. We only use drama, stories, poetry, proverbs and humour. In the second 15 minutes we faithfully expose the truth of the Gospel through chronological bible storying in the setting of a hut. A story teller returns to visit the same four characters. He reminds them of the last story and then he connects it to the next one he wants to tell. Our listeners hear for the story and then watch to see how our characters receive it. We develop the characters contextually as they apply the truths to their lives. One character now believes that Jesus died for his sins.

A gift of US$60 will bring a Bible story to air, while $450 allows a week of broadcsts to waft out across the desert. SIM collaborates with four partners in this ministry, and our annual contribution is $25,000.

Please take this opportunity to participate today in the amazing work God is doing among the ‘A’s. If you would like to donate, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 92796. Thank you and God bless!

Original dwelling of Kidist and her siblings



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