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Deborah House Shelter for Street Girls (92704)

Since 2000, the SIM Urban Ministries program has been reaching out to girls living on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, offering shelter, care, and opportunities for a new life. The girls lived on the street for a variety of reasons. Some ran away from abusive homes, others were living on the street and begging with their mothers, and still others were orphans.

Deborah House is a shelter that offers these children and teens a safe place to sleep, Christian love, food, and care—by paying school fees, offering medical care, teaching about HIV and AIDS, and most importantly, teaching them about the love of Christ through Bible studies and compassionate care.

With room to house 30 girls, the shelter has almost always been at capacity since it began. Experiencing God's love through the staff, many of the girls have changed dramatically and made commitments to follow Christ.

In order to bring more girls off the streets, the Deborah House staff is working towards reintegrating some of the girls into the community. This will be done by reuniting some of the girls with their families, by placing others in foster families, and by other methods.


  • for each girl to grow in her relationships with Christ.
  • for wisdom for the Deborah house staff as they work to reunite girls with their families.
  • for the project to continue to offer hope and new life to girls who are living on the streets.


Your financial partnership will show Christ's compassion to some of Addis Ababa's most vulnerable. Gifts will help to provide school fees, medical care, and food for the girls.

Hear some of the girls' testimonies in this video



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