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OpenHMIS: a healthcare IT solution for Africa (92576)

More than half a billion people in sub-Saharan Africa live on less than 3 USD per day. Healthcare options for these families are limited, to say the least. And they are unlikely to get better anytime soon. Doctors, nurses, community health workers and others in these communities work tirelessly to "do more for less." Sadly, they are stopped in their tracks by their inability to collect and analyze delivery and outcomes data. While the rest of the world has been transformed by the power of information technology, these teams still do not have access to good data about their own patients, data that would help them figure out how they could diagnose and treat their patients better - even in the midst of the worst poverty on earth.

The Banda Health project is solving this problem by building and deploying world-class software for Christian hospitals and clinics that minister in these communities. Banda Health has already successfully developed a basic solution in Kenya: OpenHMIS Prime. This basic solution equips Christian clinics to take care of all of their patient registration, government reporting and essential business needs like inventory control and cash collection. These tasks, though basic, cost resource-poor facilities much-needed time and money.

Demand is high for OpenHMIS Prime. No other organization has provided or is working on such a robust set of healthcare solutions for low-resource settings. Clinics globally have already demonstrated a real, pressing interest, with nearly 1,700 downloads of OpenHMIS Prime to date.

The current Banda Health project, working in Africa with African health ministries, urgently needs full funding to get OpenHMIS Prime out to 500 Christian clinics ministering to over one million patients in Kenya per year. By streamlining the installation and setup process and by equipping the health teams in these clinics, we are setting the stage to make this solution available to each of the estimated 10,000 faith-based clinics in sub-Saharan Africa. But not only to the faith-based clinics, but also to all clinics working in these low-resource settings. Because if it can work for the faith-based healthcare teams working in desperate conditions, it can work for anyone - for all of those caring for the half a billion people in sub-Saharan Africa living on less than 3 USD per day.


Our first OpenHMIS Prime pilot site, AIC Marira Clinic, was able to markedly improve both the sustainability and quality of its patient care thanks to OpenHMIS Prime. They improved resource availability by 25 percent through reduced inventory costs while also eliminating the need for patients to "come back another day" to get medicines that were out of stock. In 2016 we also helped a 126-bed Christian teaching hospital in northern Kenya install Prime, replacing time-intensive and error-prone paper records.

Since our long-term goal borders on the impossible (equipping 1,000 Christian hospitals and 10,000 Christian clinics in some of the most challenging locations in Africa with appropriate world-class technology), we recently incorporated Banda Health as a sister organization to SIM in order to ensure that we have ongoing, board-level governance and support. Our funding, staff and field work all remain SIM ministries.


  • For quality programmers to join our team so what we can accelerate progress towards our goals.
  • For funding to rapidly expand both the scope of the Banda Health solution as well as the number of healthcare ministries using the software.


If you would like to donate to Banda Health, please contact your nearest SIM Office or give online to project 92576.


SIM is recruiting computer programmers to serve as missionary volunteers on the Banda Health project. If you or someone you know are interested in joining SIM Kenya's team, we'd love to hear from you. Please check out our openings for Programmers (PRF Number 8331) and Senior Programmers (PRF Number 8831), or apply online here.

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