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Kariobangi is one of the many slums in Nairobi, Kenya, which have grown exponentially in the last two decades due to rapid urbanization. Hoping for work and a better future, men and women are moving into the capital city from all parts of Kenya, so that the population of Kariobangi now exceeds 250,000.


The ARK School is a project of Life Challenge Africa (a branch of SIM International) and was founded in 2000. It began two years prior as an Adult Education program which has now expanded into a primary school.

Many children are from the Borana tribe, which was originally nomadic and migrated to Nairobi only 20-30 years ago. Most have never had an education and are not able to read and write. With approximately 130 children in attendance at the ARK Primary School, a great need in the community is being met.

Our Vision

The ARK School is making a difference in the community by:
  • Offering a quality education regardless of the financial situation of the children and their parents.
  • Giving children the chance to hear the Gospel, especially those with a non-Christian background.

Our teachers pray with the children and teach them Bible verses and Christian songs. One of the main objectives of the school is sharing the Gospel and touching the community with the love of God. The school also offers adult education four evenings per week. Currently about 30 adults are enrolled and most of them are parents of ARK School children.

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That students, teachers, and parents would continue to experience God's love through the ministry of the ARK school.


  • $10 per month will pay school fees for two children,
  • $20 per month will help with providing text books and class materials,
  • $50 per month contributes to a teacher's salary, and
  • $100 or more would help cover rent for the school building, provide for needed expansion, help build a library, etc.

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