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Forest, Fruit and Forage for Farm Families (92235)

Our vision is to provide a better life for farm families by increasing income, improving food conditions and nutrition and therefore reducing poverty for the Awi people of Injibara in Northern Ethiopia. Project staff work with farmers and government agriculturalists to identify and propagate local plants to be used for food, animal forage, timber, firewood and other needs. Trials are also conducted on non-local plants that have the potential to yield useful products.

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Farm families receive training, seedlings, and appropriate agriculture-related technologies that are first tested at the project's test site and in on-farm trials. This has served as a bridge and point of contact with the rural Awi population which in the past been antagonistic to any spiritual influence outside traditional Orthodox religion.

The forest component has also been successful through plantings of thousands of seedlings of threatened local trees species. In 2009, we distributed over 55,000 tree and shrub seedlings of local trees. Some of these are species that are truly endangered. We are trying to do what we can with our care of creation, that these species are not lost from the area forever.

Your contribution helps reduce the reliance on external food aid and shows communities how naturally occurring food resources can be used as the basis of healthy diets.

Farmer Engeda Ayana
Farmer Engeda Ayana collecting Tephrosia



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