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Evangelical Theological College Leadership Development & Advance (92006)
The need for theological education in Ethiopia is great. This project is uniquely able to help meet this need, by assisting Evangelical Theological College (ETC) to further meet its goals to develop the next generation of Christian African leaders. The project helps to:

  • Equip and empower three Ethiopian instructors currently teaching at the Evangelical Theological College to attain doctoral-level qualifications over the next three years. This will further develop their professional capacity for the ministerial training of the expected intake of 75-80 new degree students matriculating annually over the next decade.
  • To provide 500 up-to-date books and resources in the library for ETC students in support of their courses of study over the next three years. This will provide them with the information and tools they need to lead the Evangelical church in Ethiopia into the 21st century.
  • To provide the replacement of twenty broken classroom desks and forty chairs over the next three years so that classroom instruction can resume at full-capacity.

This project provides a means for interested donors to partner with ETC (Evangelical Theological College) in advancing its mission of training leaders for the expansion of God's kingdom in Ethiopia and beyond. Like other upper level training institutions around the world ETC requires financial support beyond tuition fees to strengthen and develop the programs it provides.

Donations may be designated for specific needs for this project. Designated categories include: capital expenses, educational/library resources, general (non-designated) scholarship funds, and faculty/staff training and development.

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