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Lima Quilting (91895)

The project was initiated by an upper class Peruvian who wanted to do social work for Lima’s poorest and at the same time, teach women how to quilt. The participants are poor moms who need to contribute to or wholly sustain their families, and at the same time look after young children. They live in very poor housing, often made of wood or a cane-like bamboo structure and polythene roof, with earthen floors and without piped water or sewage facilities.

There is very little work available for unskilled mothers and what is available is always long hours and poorly paid. This project enables the moms to take the work home so they can fit it in around their many household duties and continue to care for their small children, and not have to pay anyone to look after them. The moms come to the workshop twice a week in order to work on their handmade quilts. Also as they meet together, they learn about the Bible and the love of God towards them, and that they are worthy in God's eyes. They learn to trust and pray, and they make friendships in the team which support them in their difficult times.

The Vision of the Patchwork Project

  • To give fair, paid work to ladies from poor towns.
  • To teach these women the Gospel and train them in sewing skills, team-work, and practical Christian love.
  • To motivate Peruvian Christians from the upper classes to engage in a social project.

The ladies have grown in their technical skills and their spiritual lives. They are beginning to understand the plans of the things to be sewn. They are starting to help one another with difficulties that arise when they are working at home and also taking work to those who couldn’t come to the workshop. Spiritually they are progressing and now openly pray among the group.

One Woman's Story

Sabina is a single grandmother who lives with her niece Yasmín in a very small town high above Lima in the desert rocks. She was trying to earn a living by working as a watchman during the nights in one of the local markets. She and 4-year-old Yasmín were closed in the market every evening at eight o’clock and had to stay there until the next morning. It was a very scary place with many rats, stray dogs, and every now and then someone would try to break in. The pay was very low and they were not able to get a normal night of sleep.

On Sundays, Sabina and Yasmín attended a Sunday school program and received a good breakfast. One day, the lady who organized the Sunday program invited Sabina to come to a place where she would be taught some new sewing skills. Sabina gratefully accepted the offer and started to attend the little group made up of moms. They were meeting once a week in order to gain some skills. The "Patchwork Project" grew out of this little group. Sabina sews a lot at home and gains now a substantial part of her income out of the Project. She has also developed a strong personal relationship with the Lord and is on the way of trusting Him for everything. She is most thankful for the help she gets and prays regularly for the donors.


Please pray that God will bring buyers for each one of the quilts and that he would continue to glorify himself among the women that participate in the project.


Your donation will provide money to buy materials and pay the women a small allowance during their first year of operation. After the first year, the sales of quilts will provide sufficient income to allow self-sufficient operation.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts!



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