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Guarani Recording Task Force (91634)

Focused on the rural communities of Paraguay, the Guarani Recording Task Force is a team of SIM missionaries and other ministries that are working together to produce hundreds of recorded Christian materials—an audio version of the Bible, leadership lessons, Bible teaching materials, community service messages and more—all in Guarani, the heart language of 95 percent of the people.

Rural Paraguayans are non-literate, oral learners and there are very few Christian Guarani recorded materials available to share. As this initiative moves forward, rural Paraguay will be evangelized in more effective ways. Leaders will be given materials that they can use to grow and train others. Illiterate Christian parents will be able to read and apply God’s word, and have the confidence to lead their families in pursuing a life with Christ together. Lastly, communities will be provided with relevant community service messages about health and agricultural issues of concern.


  • for the teams that prepare, record and distribute these materials—that God would give them wisdom and success for his glory.
  • for the people of rural Paraguay who will be hearing the Gospel—some for the first time—that God would open their hearts to his love.
  • fhat Paraguayans would be a people that honor God and glorify him.


You can significantly impact what God is doing in Paraguay by giving a financial gift to this project. If you would like to donate, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 91634. Thank you and God bless!



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