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Radio Hope (91391)

Radio Hope is a joint ministry of SIM, HCJB, WMPL (World Mission Prayer League), CBI (Conservative Baptists) and IMB (Southern Baptists), seeking to bring the message of salvation to one of the largest least reached areas of Ecuador in South America. This project has set up a studio, purchased equipment and employed and trained staff to run the station.

Ecuadorian woman sits behind microphone in the radio studio

Radio Hope was originally limited to broadcasting on low-power AM, scarcely covering the city of Loja. With no more FM licenses available, the team in Ecuador and friends around the world prayed that the owner of Radio Fantasia (FM license) would decide to sell his station to the evangelical ministry. The sale went through, and broadcasting began on 15 January 2004!

Now Radio Hope is able to reach a much larger area while at the same time drastically reducing electricity costs. As forwarding stations are added in the future, the programs will become accessible throughout Loja province, a region of Ecuador that has heard so little about Jesus' gospel of love and forgiveness.

Since June 2004, theological instruction has been offered on Radio Hope through the cooperation of HCJB in Quito, a local theological seminary, and SIM. The radio-based studies will offer an academic title to those who complete the courses.

In August 2006, Radio Hope celebrated five years of broadcasting. They continue to expand their programming and influence and are hoping to establish two repeater stations so that the signal will reach the whole Loja province.

By 2011, they plan that the team of announcers and board members for Radio Hope will all be Ecuadorian nationals.



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