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El Sendero Cafe and Student Center (91065)

The sounds of laughter, voices, the falling of Jenga blocks, and the clinking together of dishes drift through the door and out onto the streets of Loja, Ecuador. At El Sendero (The Path), many young people are hanging out and enjoying a snack, talking and playing games. It is a popular place for the thousands of high school and university students that populate this small college town.

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El Sendero is a unique place in Loja. Despite the city's large population of students, very few safe places are available for them to hang out, and even fewer resources for them to be cared for, counseled and introduced to a living relationship with Christ

Since December 2005, the café has provided a secure environment where youth can hear about Christ and see kingdom values modeled by our missionaries, volunteers and Christian staff. Ping-pong, Jenga and other games, free concerts, English courses, Bible studies, and other events are healthy alternatives to the binge-drinking that is common here. The developing Counseling Center also meets an critical need for youth.

Young Christians, both from Ecuador and abroad, are able to serve as volunteers, putting their faith into action and getting discipleship and ministry training in the process. The friendships they form with the youth that frequent the café are valuable ministry foundations offering opportunities to give testimony.

Another important ministry is to the café's paid staff, who have grown through daily prayer, devotionals and interactions with Christian workers and missionaries.

Six years on, El Sendero is seeing many possibilities for growth—we just need the resources to take advantage of them. Here are just a few of our dreams:

  • Improvements to the café building and kitchen which will enhance our ministry as a safe haven for young people
  • New games and more musical instruments
  • More English courses to meet rising demand
  • Sports-related activities
  • More short and long term missionaries

Consider a financial gift to El Sendero so that the coffee and life-giving conversations can keep flowing. Your gift can be given through your nearest SIM office or by giving online to project 91065. Thank you and God bless!

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Learn about the Family Counseling Center, a ministry of the Café.

Opportunities to Serve

Coffee machine
Pouring love into students means first pouring coffee!

Students at El Sendero
Students playing jenga—a favorite at the café.

Loja Plaza
Loja's beautiful main plaza is a great location for the café.



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