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Camp La Joya Construction (91048)


This past year around 3,000 people were touched by God's presence as they came to Camp La Joya to know Him better. Thirty-eight groups, made up of Christian schools, church groups and public schools have used Camp La Joya as their destination for their spiritual retreat. Camp La Joya also held 5 summer camps for the children and youth of Arequipa.

Great building progress has been made this year! A new playground was constructed and a set of bathrooms was built up at our Retreat Area to accommodate the larger groups that are using the camp.

A church from Canada provided the funds for another cabin, giving us a total of 10 cabins leaving only 2 more needed.

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Mention summer camp, and memories come flooding backā€”fun, friends, games, and singing around late-night fires. At Camp La Joya in Southern Peru, children and adults alike have been making memories for nearly six years. But the more lasting impact comes from the decisions they have made to follow Jesus, to answer a call to ministry, or to make a change in their lives.

Since the first concrete was poured, God has been touching lives through this ministry. Many children and adults have begun their life with Christ at Camp La Joya. Previously there was no church in nearby San Luis, but now there is a thriving fellowship, made up of many who first encountered God's love while working at the camp. A government-appointed social worker said that alcohol, drug, and physical abuse have decreased 70% in the area since Camp La Joya's beginnings.

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The camp has been a treasure for area churches, providing a wonderful environment for discipling and training. There are many Christian churches in Southern Peru, but Camp La Joya is the only facility for camps, conferences, and retreats. The space is in high demand as there is only room for one group at a time. In the summer it is impossible to host anyone other than the children's camping programs.

Despite its fruitful beginning, the camp has reached a critical point. Current income from camps, retreats, and farming on part of the land is not enough to cover the operating costs. A large, multi-purpose building with space for dining, games, and a chapel stands incomplete due to lack of funds. Plans to construct nine additional cabins, a shower block and other facilities are still only blueprints.

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Upon completion of the construction, the camp will be equipped to host four groups or 250 children at once. This will generate the additional income needed to become self-sustaining. Will you consider partnering with Camp La Joya? Building these buildings will build lives. Your financial partnership will ensure that many Peruvians have the opportunity to come away from daily life to be encouraged, taught, and trained as mature Christian disciples.



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