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Centro Educativo Internacional Scholarship Fund (91040)

Globally the average amount of time spent in the classroom is 1,200 hours per year. But the average in Paraguay is just 749 hours, not much better than half the global average.

Over the years many changes in the education system have improved the outcomes, but the public system still lags behind. For many, receiving a quality education in order to become successful in a career means attending a private a school.

But many cannot afford a private education. And for children from single-parent homes, such an education is rarely an option.

The SIM school in Villarrica is a safe, Christ-centered institution where children receive instruction not only in reading, writing and arithmetic, but also in how they can have a relationship with the Lord through his Son Jesus Christ. Our quality of education exceeds the expectations of the state. But because we are a private institution, we charge monthly tuition. The cost for one student per year isn’t that much — about US$700, but for many families it is not affordable.

The Centro Educativo Internacional Scholarship Fund is for families who need financial assistance. The school must not be an exclusive club, since our main goal is to reach families with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need financial partners to expand the blessings and benefits to many more students, with the hope of changing their future both spiritually and economically.


The school has admitted a few children in faith that there will be funds to support them. So far, their financial obligations have all been met! But we would love to enroll more. If you would like to donate to the scholarship program, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 91040. Thank you and God bless!


The team at Centro Educativo Internacional (CEI) is seeking more English Teachers. If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact SIM today. We look forward to talking with you!

student at CEI in Paraguay


  • for the unity of the ministry team of teachers and staff as we seek to live lives of integrity and faith before the families and students of the school.
  • that the ministry of CEI will continue breaking down barriers to the gospel of salvation and life in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • that the multi-purpose roofed area can be completed to expand the ministry of this outreach. Pray for the health of the teachers.
  • Pray for English teachers. We have a desperate need for English teachers as English taught by native speakers is the main attraction to the institution.



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