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Audio Bibles for Paraguay (91039)

José is a carpenter in his late 40s, living in Yuty, a town in rural Paraguay. Years ago he was given a series of tapes on gospel questions. He began to get up early every morning to listen to them. When he had finished all of them, he asked for more. After some time, his wife noticed changes in his life. She was so impressed that she started to join him in listening to the tapes early each morning.

José has never been to a Bible study, but he has now been listening to the Word of God every morning for years, and his wife still comments on how much he has changed since he began listening all that time ago.

Audio Bible in Paraguay

Rural Paraguay is an oral culture. This means that although the majority of people know how to read, they are not used to using written words to communicate. They don’t feel very comfortable with reading and find oral methods easier for learning. This has profound implications for reaching rural communities with the gospel.

SIM Paraguay has seen many people like José be transformed by the Gospel through audio recordings. Leaders in rural churches now have a vision to see the entire Bible available in audio format, to give rural populations full access to the Word of God.

MP3 Player
This small $18 MP3 Player is
being used to tell Paraguayans
about the God who loves them.

MP3 players have now been developed specifically for this purpose. They are small, durable devices that can be worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. They can be used with earphones for personal use, but they also have a powerful speaker so that a whole family or a Bible study group can all listen together. They will contain the whole Bible recorded in Guarani, the heart language of rural Paraguayans.

With approximately 100,000 families living in the most rural parts of Paraguay, the Audio Bibles for Paraguay project intends to place a Bible in each of these homes.

"Having worked in rural Paraguay for more than 15 years, I have seen firsthand how much more effective the Word of God is when it is presented in audio form. Why should we wait to bring a written Bible to the people of Paraguay when the technology exists today to bring the Word of God to everyone who does not typically learn from reading?" says Project Manager Tom Stout. The fact is—we shouldn't.

Get Involved

You can give the Bible to Paraguayans who cannot read it for themselves, by giving as little as $12.00 per MP3 player. One $18.00 unit (this includes factory cost plus shipping, taxes and minimal administration) will bring the word of God to an entire family! Just click on the "Donate Now" button toward the top of the page.

Check out Audio Bibles for Paraguay to learn more.

Thank you for partnering with us to share the love of Christ with the Paraguayan people!


April 2011: Four hours northeast of Asuncion there is a dusty intersection marked by a few businesses and the two dirt roads that pour over the asphalt where they meet. There I met my contact who took me another 50 kilometers over rutted roads, through huge internationally owned rice fields and a few small communities, to our destination called Estrellita.

There we met pastor Juan, a church-planter who had called together Christian leaders in the surrounding villages to hear about the Audio Bibles for Paraguay Project. People came from as far away as 60 kilometers, and others arrived still drenched in sweat from their work in the fields. They came from varying denominations, but desire to work together to make a distribution of 1000 Bibles possible in their area. Praise the Lord for these men and women!

May 2011: Praise the Lord! The first 1,300 Audio Bibles are released from customs. Pray for quick and easy solutions to the last few technical difficulties with these players. Although some sizable fees were paid to release them from customs, God is providing possible avenues to make the next shipment more cost effective. As soon as the Audio Bibles are ready, we will distribute them in the town of Altos.

June 2011: The 1,300 Audio Bibles received in May had only the New Testament on them. Since then, the recording of the entire Bible has been completed and must be loaded on each player. Praise God with us that we made our second order of 10,000 Audio Bibles!


  • Pray that we find a more economical way to bring these Audio Bibles into Paraguay. Currently taxes and port fees amount to 34 percent of the purchase price.
  • Pray as we begin the distribution of the first 1000 Bibles that we would smooth out any “wrinkles” in our method.



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