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North East India Missionary Assistance Fund (90943)

Workers are needed in the spiritual harvest fields of the world. North East Indian churches have human resources (missionary candidates) but are limited in financial resources, while churches in other parts of the world have financial resources but few missionaries ready to go. Thus, to facilitate church partnerships around the world to send out missionaries, this project was started in January 2009.

Churches in Northeast India (NEI) provide for their missionaries' monthly allowance, retirement benefits, first time ticket expenses, first time settlement expenses, ticket expenses for returning for “home assignment”, home assignment medical expenses, and SIM North East India office administration.

SIM, through the generosity of its donors, helps to cover other costs such as visa and work permit fees, language learning costs, house rent, medical expenses while in the field, member care (admin) expenses, spiritual life conferences, and missionary kids’ education subsidy. The project also assists missionaries from North East India when there are unusual and unexpected costs.

June 2012 UPDATE: Through this project, SIM North East India has been able to send 21 missionaries to eight countries in four years. The 21 missionaries are serving the Lord in Thailand, the Philippines, South Sudan (the newest nation of the world), Kenya, Zambia, Ghana and in two "Creative Access Countries" which we cannot name. More candidates are in the pipeline. Their ministries include education, relief and development work, HIV/AIDS, orphanage, ministry among slum dwellers, youth and music ministry, outreach pioneering, evangelism, church planting and discipleship.

These missionaries face all the typical challenges of a missionary calling such as language and cultural learning, working in multi-cultural teams, attaining visas and permits, health problems, and raising their children overseas. Working in often volatile or restricted access areas, they have also faced evacuations, flooding, death threats and other dangers. Yet they persevere. In and through their ministries, many have come to know the Lord and many lives have been touched and transformed.

If you would like to help sponsor these missionaries, please mark your gift for SIM NEI Missionary Assistance Project 90943. You may contact your nearest SIM office or give online. Thank you and God bless!

Photo above: Khochopeny Odyuo serves at Tumaini Kwa Watoto home for children in Kenya.



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