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Kijabe Hospital Water Supply (90107)

Kijabe Hospital delivers one of the most comprehensive healthcare services in East Africa. This 280-bed facility was built a century ago on the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, Kenya. Today it is equipped with nine operating theaters, a modern ICU, and dental, lab and pathology units. More than 25,000 children alone receive outpatient care annually.

As the medical and spiritual mission of the hospital have flourished, the aging infrastructure has been failing. The hospital’s yearly operating budget covers most day-to-day operations, but gifts are essential for capital developments.

The current water supply system is in great disrepair and in urgent need of overhaul and upgrades. Would you, or others that you know, be willing to partner with Kijabe Hospital?

The objectives of the Kijabe Water Supply Project are:

  • to provide an improved water supply with sufficient capacity to meet the hospital’s current and future water demand
  • a chlorination system to ensure that the water is free from bacterial contamination
  • improved sustainability of water usage by making greater use of rainwater by plumbing rainwater tanks to buildings and housing
  • reduction in water usage through implementation of water conservation measures including low flow shower heads, toilets, and limitations on the use of water for gardening and outdoor washing.



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