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Camp La Joya Ministries (89270)

Camp La Joya is a 60-acre camp which serves evangelical churches and Christian schools in the department of Arequipa in Peru. Its location in Vitor Valley makes it ideally suited for camp ministry. Taking people out of the pollution and business of the city into a quiet, green river valley frees them to refocus spiritually and be impacted by the beauty of God's creation and His powerful Word.

Camp La Joya has three focuses:

  1. Summer Camp: In 2013, 401 children and youth attended camp during the camping season. We make special efforts to make camp affordable to all children, even from lower income communities.
  2. Church & Christian school retreats: More than 300 evangelical churches in Arequipa have almost no place to go for a retreat or a "day away" to worship, teach and play without interruption. Camp La Joya's size allows at least two groups to come and still have their own space. The current facility accommodates 240 people but future developments mean the camp will be able to host 500 people at the same time.
  3. Spreading the Gospel through public school contact: Camp La Joya is reaching beyond its Christian contact base of churches and Christian schools. In the past year, three public schools come for a day camp where the first one and a half hours were spent in worship, prayer and Bible teaching led by Camp La Joya leadership. The rest of the day was spent in fun activities such as swimming, volleyball, soccer, riding horses and games. Through these activities, camp leaders are now teaching the "religion" class in two public schools and have a request from another to do the same. We praise the Lord for the many ways He is using Camp La Joya to open doors to impact Peru with the gospel!

Operating costs have dropped for several great reasons. We now train and use many more volunteers. In 2013 more than 100 volunteer staff helped especially during our summer camp season. Raising some of our own food has reduced costs as well. This year we raised and butchered two cows, two sheep, three pigs and we grew a half ton of potatoes plus vegetables and herbs.

Camp La Joya adolescent camp


  • for funds to cover the summer camp program.
  • for the youth/young adults who are receiving training to use the training and practice that they have had a camp to bring glory to God as they work in their own churches.
  • for the women of Vitor valley (they come from mostly very needy situations) to come to know Christ and live their lives in confidence of Christ's love for them.
  • for the camp to become self-sustaining.
  • that God will use the camp to transform the spiritual climate of southern Peru.
  • that churches will be strengthened and equipped through the ministries of the camp.


Although operating costs have decreased, significant needs remain. If you would like to donate to Camp La Joya, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 89270. Thank you and God bless!

Camp La Joya adventure course
Teens trying out the Adventure Course at Camp La Joya



Come serve with us! We need missionaries who can serve from a few weeks up to two years. Individuals or teams are invited to work in a variety of ministries. Do you like sports, horses, swimming, children, teaching the Bible or discipling new believers? Do you speak Spanish or are you willing to learn? Do you like doing maintenance jobs, working at a farm fixing tractors and equipment? If any of these options sounds like you, then we'd love to hear from you today.

Specifically, we are also asking God for a Horse Wrangler, Camp Coordinator, and Project Manager. Please contact us today!



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