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Arequipa Children's Ministries (89266)
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Arequipa Children's Ministries is based around a network of children's clubs supported and hosted by SIM, 22 Peruvian Evangelical Churches (Iglesia Evangélica Peruana, or IEP) within the city of Arequipa and the surrounding highland and coastal regions, and two evangelical schools.

The project is aimed at meeting physical, spiritual, and educational needs of Quechuas, in the city of Arequipa and surrounding region.

The project includes a Breakfast program for about 1,500 children, preventative and primary health care, mother and child care, children's evangelism, leadership training for children’s ministries, and scholarships for further education as resources allow.

It is hoped that the project will break down barriers toward the Gospel in these communities and establish relationships to reach children and their parents with the love of God.



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