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Radio Impacts Muslims (88900)

Fifty years ago, an attempt to build a Christian mission station in a remote region of the Horn of Africa ended in a riot. In the intervening decades, there has been essentially no gospel proclamation "on the ground."

In September 1974, when the broadcasts of the SIM's Voice of New Life (CNC) radio programs began, the overwhelming majority of this people group lived in their original territory on the Horn of Africa. Now more than 30 years later, possibly as many as a half million are scattered across the globe. Thanks to the wide coverage of short-wave radio combined with e-mail, those still living in Africa and Eurasia continue to receive the light of the gospel through CNC.

Many correspondents write to us simply to debate religion, while others genuinely want to know the truth. One listener wrote: "What is meant by "eternal life"? If we say that our sins were forgiven because of the blood of the lamb, will not people do whatever they want without fear because of that? Where will Jesus Christ descend on earth when he returns? You must give me your advice if I will learn about these matters."

The unseen and mysterious Holy Spirit gives people a hunger and thirst for the truth. They tune in to the nightly half-hour broadcast of CNC because they know there will be answers to their questions about life.



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