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SIM-TEC/TEN3 (88840)

The vision of SIM-TEC is to see a generation rescued to the glory of God by helping the churches in Africa and the Caribbean to honor God by developing Christian colleges. A bold Christian education initiative, begun now, will develop leaders for the next generation.

Strategically SIM is committed to reaching the world for Christ, often with a holistic approach that encompasses education. SIM recognizes the importance of reaching children, youth, and young adults with the gospel and instilling in them a Christian worldview. Young people in Africa and around the world need a godly combination of Christ-centered wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skills with which to face their troubled times and assure a better future.

TEN3 Training
SIM believes that many African churches doing transformational education will be a key factor in bringing about change. Yet, to truly provide hope for Africa and the world, education must foster transformation by teaching people to conform to the image of Christ. Many of the churches in Africa list education as a high priority and ask for help in establishing Christian educational institutions, because their system of education is on the verge of total collapse. In many ways, the educational systems of the West are also struggling. A major shift in education is happening and a new paradigm is emerging. It has always been SIM-TEC's belief that if the African church will engage herself in education, she can become a leader in education and the sharing of the Gospel. One of the ways SIM-TEC is helping is to participate, in and contribute to, a network of Christian educators from Africa and around the world to develop curriculum, train leaders, and share resources to promote transformational education. That network is called the Transformational Education Network (TEN3).

By participating in the TEN3 Alliance SIM-TEC continues to offer vital personnel and finances to a new and growing network that both responds to the call of African churches for help in education and equips Africans to play a leading role in bringing transformational education to the ends of the earth.

This leading role is already beginning to take place in Nigeria. A Haitian church saw what was happening in a TEN3 program run by an ECWA school and sent two men to Nigeria for a year to be trained. That church is now in the process of starting a school in Haiti. The Conservative Baptist Convention (CBC) in Cameroon also recently looked for training at a TEN3 workshop hosted by ECWA. Even though CBC already had 13 schools all with computer labs, teachers. and materials, they sent a team to Nigeria to learn the TEN3 model. When asked why, they responded that some of their students lives were being destroyed after visiting websites on pornography and demon possession. School directors wanted curriculum that would both teach young people how to use technology, and equip them to face the temptations that come along with it. These African leaders realize that technology and, education in general, cannot be taught void of its spiritual impact and are looking for ways to address this for their people.

Via the Transformational Education Network, writers in Nigeria are producing Christ-centered education materials that will be used in classrooms of schools run by SIM partner churches in Ethiopia and Zambia as well as by other churches in Cameroon and as far away as Haiti. African churches are working together through the Transformational Education Network to make a difference. If this kind of growth continues, soon a network birthed in SIM and its partner churches will have expanded to include churches and missions from around the globe to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth through transformational education.

The major areas in which SIM-TEC and TEN3 collaborate are:

  • Curriculum Development and Writing of Course Materials
  • Training teachers to be disciple makers who endeavor to see their students transformed to the image of Christ.
  • Administrative consulting and provision of a financial model that enables a school's operations to be financially self-sustaining.
  • Establishment and maintenance of standards for excellence in transformational education.

Progress of varying degrees has been made, but the institutional environment in general and the education environment in particular pose great ongoing challenges to the churches in Africa. Developing a single quality post-secondary institution takes years of hard work to accomplish. SIM-TEC and TEN3 share the goal of seeing many come into existence.


If you or someone you know would like to partner in this effort, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online to project 88840. Thank you and God bless!


We are also asking the Lord for people to serve with this ministry. To learn more, visit www.ten3.org or contact your nearest SIM office.

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