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Church Leadership Training-Chile (86418)
Through this project we are providing the funds for the training of church leaders and potential leaders. The project provides scholarships to Bible College Students and provides funds directly to Bible Colleges to allow the purchase of resources such as library books and to allow the Colleges to offer scholarships to needy students.

A great need exists for the training of rural Christian leaders on an interdenominational level (mostly of the native Mapuche people group) in south-central Chile. Most rural church leaders have very little, if any, preparation for guiding their congregations, whether that be in the area of theological training, teaching and preaching or pastoral care. Most denominations have invested very little in the development of their rural lay leaders (time-wise, financially and via pastoral care) and have continued to dominate the direction and identity of the rural church. By the investment of time and funds in the lives of these important, yet often forgotten, rural leaders, the Lord's church will mature and be more effective inthe rural areas.

Story time

Meet Priscila Quintana.

"This has been a good year for which I thank the Lord! I was able to advance in various courses at the seminary where I study. Theoretical study is very important and I consider the most relevant in the semester and the most spiritual edification were Systematic Theology and New Testament.

As the theoretical (knowing the scripture) and the practical go hand in hand, I found that one of the most important aspects of this year which is part of my course is our placement in a developing church for student experience. As a family two years ago we took the challenge to work in a small church in a vulnerable sector of Temuco called Chivilcan.

We thank God for the opportunity to learn and experience a completely different setting from our own church background. It has been a time to put into practice what we are learning in our courses, learning how to work on a team, with people very different from ourselves, and learn to develop friendships with the brothers and sisters who attend the church. We have disciple them and learned to take a genuine interest in their needs and concerns. Our time as a family as interns in this congregation had its moments of discouragement and joy, but a 100% experience of learning, tolerating, respecting and loving.

I was only able to study the first semester as my husband is in an exchange program for his doctoral program in Holland so my daughter Sofia and I will be joining for three of his six months there. I am thankful for the progress I have made in my Bachelor of Theology degree and am also very thankful for the amazing opportunity to travel to join my husband along with our daughter. I am sure that this experience will have many life lessons, just as the seminary and the work in the church have had.

My desire is that God will continue to teach me, refining my life and character in order to be faithful and honorable in my service for him."



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