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Leadership Training Scholarships (86410)
The Union of Evangelical Churches of Benin (UEEB) is the partner church of SIM Benin Togo. The UEEB now consists of almost 500 congregations but only 270 trained pastors. The need for strong, well trained leadership is crucial for the UEEB to grow in the midst of a religious context resistant to the Gospel.

SIM Benin Togo sees leadership / theological training for future pastors and present pastors as key to the ongoing health and growth of the church in Benin. A UEEB / SIM scholarship committee monitors the progress of each candidate, with the UEEB church leadership being responsible for placing the successful candidate in their ministry at the end of their training.


> To support theological education and ongoing training for church leaders by offering the following yearly scholarships:
> Up to six scholarships to ESPriT (Ecole Superieure Privee de Theologie) in Niamey, Niger. This is a three-year degree level theology course.
> Three scholarships for UEEB Pastors to attend a communications course at Centre Evangelique de Formation en Communication (CEFCA) in Cote d'Ivoire.
> Up to six scholarships for pastors or lay leaders to attend a DAI (Development Associates International) course at IMS (Institut Missiologique Sahel). This is a three-year masters course in organizational leadership.


The ESPriT students are very happy to be back in the safety of the SIM compound in Niamey. Once again, they have the luxury of studying in the well-equipped library and computer center. Measures have been taken to assure extra protection against future flooding. Each of the students has been contracted out for internship in different Niamey churches.

The project was able to find two additional scholarships which allowed us to send a total of four students this year to IMS (Institut Missiologique du Sahel) in Ouagadougou, where they are studying for a Masters in Organizational Leadership through DAI (Development Associates International).


Timothee Kpetere says that it is a blessing to be able to follow the leadership training in Ouaga. "There are so many areas that have touched my life, but I will name only a few. In the 'Leadership: Making Human Strength Productive' course, I discovered that God has made us all different and we need to understand one another and collaborate at work so that people are working in their areas of strength. I experienced firsthand how much happier people are when the atmosphere of the organization is harmonious."



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