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UPDATE 2013: At last count, 279 are children residing in seven Care Centres. Outreach continues to the deaf community, the prison, the motor park and street community. In the past six months, over 2,220 people have been witnessed to, 272 have come to Christ and are being discipled and approximately 12,000 meals have been served. The clinic treats 120-200 people per month.

The Sports Outreach has set up football referee training to give youths a way to evangelise, earn money and save the churches from having to hire outside referees for tournaments. During the summer, the ministry ran volleyball and football coaching for children in the stadium and witnessed to them. Against a background of bombings and attacks against the Christians, we also used these events to teach young people to show the love of Christ and forgiveness.

A new Transition House has opened for older girls (see King's Kids).

ECWA/SIM urban ministry encompasses several specific ministries, including Gidan Bege ("House of Hope") which focuses on outreach and rehabilitation, King's Kids which focuses on needy children, and City Sports which reaches youth through sports. CME ministers in the Nigerian cities of Jos, Kano, Katsina, Kafanchan, Sokoto, and Kaduna. Currently more than 250 full time, part-time, and volunteer workers share the love of God with thousands of kids in need.

The vision of the ministry is to expand to every major city in the middle belt and north of Nigeria and eventually into Niger and other African countries.

  a young white woman sits with several street boys  

Gidan Bege

There are now almost 200 boys living in Care Centers run by Nigerian and missionary staff of Gidan Bege. Gidan Bege means "House of Hope" in the Hausa language. Many are orphans and others come from situations where they were neglected and abused. Malnourishment, parasites, malaria and rashes are common illnesses. In addition to their physical problems, many are also suspicious and fearful. Living on the streets means they have highly developed survival skills and it takes a long time to win their trust and confidence. Yet the staff and many volunteers at the Gidan Bege Transitional Home are thrilled at the spiritual, emotional and physical transformation in the children who have come through this "House of Hope."

Today, Gidan Bege has grown to include outreaches to the physically handicapped, wheelbarrow men, the deaf, orphans, street children, lepers, and diseased. Blind and beggar women have a special meal program on Wednesdays with their "guide girls" and children. Food, medicine, clothes, beds, literacy classes, vocational training, scholarships, health care, love, safety and acceptance--Gidan Bege, Home of Hope, is a place where the poor and needy on the streets of West Africa's largest nation can meet Jesus in the loving words and gentle touch of the volunteers and staff.

In 1995, SIM missionary Dorothy Ardill began feeding some Muslim boys living on the streets of Jos. After several months, the number of boys increased to over 100. About a year later, the first care center was opened as a joint ministry of SIM and its local church partner called ECWA (Evangelical Church of West Africa). The ministry has expanded to several cities now. Hundreds of children are fed weekly, and some of the children are screened for entrance into the program of the Care Centers where they will have a safe, clean and nurturing environment. They will also begin a self-paced educational program and, with time, become integrated into the local community and church life.

King's Kids

When Gidan Bege finds needy children, King's Kids trains them through CARE Centers and schools. The buildings and land in each of these cities are called CARE (Children At Risk Educational) Centers. Each CARE Center is home to about 100 children with a monthly operating cost of about US$3,000. Currently 75 street kids and orphans live in CARE centers in each of two locations, and we minister to several hundred others on a weekly basis. Participation from the local community is strong.

City Sports

This urban ministry uses sports to reach youth. City Sports has teams that compete, share the gospel, and bring discipleship, while also training local churches to develop teams to do the same.


Funds for City Ministries of EMS/ECWA are raised in ECWA and other churches, and all the volunteers are Nigerian believers. Nigerian Christian families also step forward as foster parents for children who want to transition off the streets. However, the ministry has needs that cannot be met locally.

Because we are a ministry to the needy, poor and destitute, we do not generate income. To allow this ministry to continue, we appreciate gifts-in-kind of food or clothes as well as financial contributions to project 85550.


Recognizing that all we do is in the name and power of Jesus, we depend on the Lord for daily provision for the ministry. We ask for the prayers of God's people for the staff, volunteers, children, foster parents and all those receiving care through the ministry.


This ministry could not continue without the assistance of many who volunteer their time and skills. Some come to sew up holes in children's clothes, help in health care, teach Bible lessons and show the love of Jesus with a hug and kind touch. We appreciate our volunteers and challenge others to get involved in this exciting ministry. Find out how God can use you in Nigeria



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