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After four years of calm, Christians were once again attacked in the rural area around Jimma, 300 km west of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, beginning March 2, 2011.

More than 60 churches among four denominations were targeted in at least eight towns. A large number of Christians' homes were set ablaze in five districts. Forty-six of the churches burned were of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC), the church with whom SIM partners. The violence appeared to be planned and well-organized. Thousands of Muslims gathered from surrounding villages to burn, destroy, and oust churches and Christians who have lived together peacefully for years.

Reports indicate that two people were killed—a Muslim who refused to participate and an Orthodox zebeghna (guard).

Approximately 4,000 people fled their villages and took refuge in Jimma. About 400 of these lived on the SIM compound in Jimma at one stage. Church leaders report that children and women are greatly affected. Jimma itself did not see any violence, though threats were reported.

The government took action to identify those involved. We understand that over 100 people have been arrested.

Those whose homes were destroyed remain in Jimma. Others have been returned to their villages by the government.

We invite Christians to pray for the suffering communities and to pray for our Muslim neighbors who participated in this aggression.

In collaboration with the EKHC, SIM is providing funds to help the refugees. If you would like to contribute to this relief effort, we would love to hear from you today. Please contact your nearest SIM office or give online. Thank you and God bless!

Burnt buildings near Jimma
Torched buildings near Jimma, Ethiopia

Displaced Families near Jimma
Displaced families

Amharic Bibles
2,500 Amharic Bibles delivered at the
request of local churches around Jimma

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