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South Sudan Relief (82490)

The face of Doro, South Sudan, forever changed in 2011. Refugees from Blue Nile State fled to our area escaping aerial bombings. Some still trickle in as the bombings continue. Now there are four camps in our county with more than 135,000 refugees. SIM missionaries often interact with the refugees through their various ministries and have seen first hand their extreme living conditions.

The refugees' presence, along with the recent civil war, has put an extra strain on the local Mabaan population as well. Many Mabaan children and pregnant women are suffering from moderate or acute malnutrition and need help. The Sudan Interior Church has been responding to the needs of their communities and the South Sudan Relief Fund has helped them assist more people.

At present, South Sudan has the highest inflation rate in the world. People in this nation are struggling to meet the basic needs of their large families. Many are not able to buy simple things like soap or shoes. The SIM South Sudan Relief project provides funds for those who need immediate aid. In the past, we have been able to help many people with a financial gift or through practical aid such as food or soap. But, this fund is nearly depleted and we the help of our many supporters.


If you would like to donate to SIM South Sudan Relief efforts, please contact your nearest SIM office or give online here to project #82490.


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