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Mahadaga Medical Center (82375)

The aim of Mahadaga Medical Center is to share the message of Jesus with those who come and to show them His love and compassion as they care for their physical and spiritual needs.

A patient awakes after seven days in a coma:

"I am thankful to the health personnel who day after day stayed by my side. I, who was thought to be dead, have found my life again. It is only because of their efforts that I am alive today. We pray that God daily increases their understanding."

This is just one testimony of a patient who was given help by Mahadaga Medical Center.

The Center and its 28 full time staff offer medical care for the community surrounding Mahadaga, Burkina Faso. They seek to aid the community by offering a dispensary that provides curative, preventive and educational care. There is also a Maternity that provides prenatal care and also cares for the mom and babe after the delivery. The services that are provided include well-baby and vaccination clinics and counseling for sterility cases and birth spacing. To keep the medical center running smoothly, a support system consisting of housekeepers and guards help maintain the facilities. A pastor also supports the medical center ministering to the patients as well as the staff.

Testimony of an elderly woman who had surgery for bilateral cataracts (she was led in by her son):

"You opened the heavens for me. I couldn't see a thing and now I can get around all by myself and I don't need help from anyone else." What a wonder!!

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