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The vision of SIM and its partner church in Benin is to see all the nation's people listening to the message of Jesus Christ in their heart language, understanding it, and responding in personal faith. Radio is simply the best communication tool we can think of to see this vision become reality!

For many reasons, radio remains one very effective way to share Jesus' love and salvation in West Africa. Radio reaches far and wide—to isolated villages near the desert and into teeming West African cities. Radio also reaches an enormous number of people at once. Then, as listeners write letters to the radio staff, or see them in person in the villages, personal relationships bloom. In this way, those who are most interested get full and personal attention.

Powerful Tool to Reach Oral People

Radio is very helpful in oral societies. Individuals may not be able to read a Bible, but they can hear it in their own language on the radio. Their own language is very important. They hear it on the radio; it demonstrates that someone cares enough to learn their language. It shows that the message is true and important, spoken by someone they can trust.

Another benefit of radio in Muslim communities is that it crosses thresholds where no Christian would be allowed to enter. A Muslim villager or businessman may switch on his radio and hear the gospel without having to meet a Christian or be seen talking to one. As the Holy Spirit urges him, he can initiate steps towards linking with other Christians.

From ink well to laptop computer, daguerreotype to DVD, phonograph to digital audio, missions has always been about communicating the most important message of all time: that God loves and calls human beings into meaningful relationship with Himself. Radio is the communication tool God has given us.

SIM produces broadcasts in 38 languages, 14 of which are in Benin alone, with local communities urgently requesting broadcasts in additional languages.

Radio for Every People in Benin

SIM and the UEEB (Union des Eglises Evangéliques du Bénin) church in Benin believe that every person deserves to hear the love of Jesus articulated in their own heart language. To hear the gospel in French or English lacks relevance to many, and it reinforces the assumption that Christianity is a foreign religion. Yes, it takes enormous work, creativity and funding to create broadcasts in many languages. Yet to see people meet Jesus and grow in their faith makes it all worth it!

Radio has proved to be a powerful way to partner with the local church. In a country where believers are few and resources are scarce, how do you help build a mature community of faith? One answer is: radio. Broadcasts help believers grow in their faith which in turn encourages and matures the local church.

Programs of follow-up are prayerfully designed. Correspondence with listeners, training local pastors for follow-up, and selecting and training coordinators to visit certain language groups are part of any follow-up program. Recently, radio coordinators surveyed areas where no evangelical church exists and discovered people listening to the broadcasts and asking for Bible teaching and for literacy classes!


Project BJ 80710 is a master project for Benin Radio ministries. Giving to this project allows ministry leaders on the ground to allocate funds to a language group broadcast with the most urgent needs. However, financial partners may prefer to give directly to one of the 14 language groups of their choice. Each language has a separate project number, so be sure to make this distinction.

If you feel God leading you to join hands in radio ministry, you may give online or contact your nearest SIM Sending Office. Be sure to have the project number handy.

Master Radio Project: BJ 80710

14 language groups:

  1. Xweda: BJ 93349
  2. Ife: BJ 93348
  3. Yoruba: BJ 93347
  4. Ditammari: BJ 93346
  5. Lokpa: BJ 93339
  6. Yom: BJ 93338
  7. Dendi: BJ 93337
  8. Kotokoli: BJ 93334
  9. Fulani: BJ 93333
  10. French: BJ 93332
  11. Fon: BJ 93331
  12. Boo: BJ 93340
  13. Monkoli: BJ 93341

Thank you for your prayer and partnership in Benin and in radio ministries. We could not do it without you! May God bless you!



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