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SIM Workers
Opportunities in Asia-Pacific

Creative Access

Church Planters among Minority People Groups
English or Chinese Teaching in Christian Schools--Tentmaking Opportunity
Agriculturalist for Community Development 1-2 years
Architect Building Designer for Hospital 1-2 years
Assistant to the Director of "Sanctity of Life" Ministry Under 1 year
Bible College Teacher or Trainer Priority
Biomedical Engineer Technician for Hospital
Business Entrepreneur
Business Person and Relationship Builder amongst an Unreached People Group Priority
China Internships--Practical Ministry and Culture Experience Under 1 year
Computer Support and Capacity Building Under 1 year
Computer Training
Conversational English Teacher
Deputy Director
Engineer, Maintenance Manager for Hospital
English Lecturer in Christian College--Tentmaking Opportunity
English Teacher Priority
ESL Teacher
Evangelism and Discipleship Ministry
Field Leadership Support Person
Friendship Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting Among Unreached Animist Tribal People
Friendship Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting Among Unreached Minority People
Grassroots Bible Trainers Priority
Home School Helper Under 1 year
Hospital and Public Health Research Coordinator Under 1 year
Leadership Trainer Priority
Librarian to Train Others Under 1 year
Marketing Manager of Small Business
Medical Professional and Relationship Builder Priority
Medical Student Elective Under 1 year
Medical Work in Hospital among Minority People Groups
Mental Health Professionals to Equip Others Priority Under 1 year
MK Boarding School Teachers
Mobiliser and Coach for Church Planters among Minority People Groups
Nurse Priority
Nurse Clinical Tutor
Outreach through Business Priority
Owner/Manager of Small Business
PACE Teams Under 1 year
Pastoral Care Training and Counselling Priority
Physical Education Teacher Priority
Product Designer & Marketing at Basha Ltd.
Project Advisor or Social Worker/Counselor for Women & Children at risk
Project Coordinator Priority
Public Health or Community Development Worker
School Principal Priority
Secondary Teacher for International Study Group 1-2 years
Seminary Teachers to Equip and Disciple Future Leaders
Sports Friends Coaches Trainer
Sports Friends Organizational Leader
Student Teacher Internship Under 1 year
Summer English Training Program Under 1 year
Summer Kids' Program Team Under 1 year
Teacher for Small Home School Co-Op 1-2 years
Teachers for Rural Christian School 1-2 years
Theological Education and Leadership Training
University Ministry
University Outreach Workers
University Student Discipler
Urban Renewal Project Coordinator Priority


English Teachers
Language Students 1-2 years
Spanish Teachers
Teachers for XIA
University Teachers


Doctors--Various Specialties Priority
English as a Second Language Teacher
Urban School Teachers


Business Management Specialist and Entrepreneur
Community, Relief, and Development Specialists
English Teachers
IT or Computer Specialist and Teacher
Medical Professionals
Primary and Secondary School Teachers
SIM Mongolia Country Director Priority
Sports Ministry
University Professors and Teachers


Church Leadership Development Initiative
Communication and Documentation Advisor Priority
Education Consultant
Graphic Designer Priority 1-2 years
International Relations Officer Priority
Medical Doctors- Gynecologist, Pediatrician, General Anesthetist Priority
Medical Electives at Lamjung Hospital (Human Development Community Services) Under 1 year
Medical Electives at Tansen Hospital, Nepal Under 1 year
Medical Missions Exploration Internship Under 1 year
Medical Positions for Tansen Hospital, Nepal
Medical Positions--HDCS
Nurse Tutors for Tansen Nursing School, Nepal
Primary Teacher Priority Under 1 year
Teachers for Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC)--Nepal 1-2 years

New Zealand

Pacific Islands Missions Mobiliser
Youth Outreach Worker--Te Ora Hou Te Tairawhiti Priority


Dorm Parents and Other Boarding Staff for Murree Christian School
Elementary Teachers
ESL Teacher for All Grades
Field Treasurer Priority
Middle School and High School Teachers
Online Course and IT Manager 1-2 years
School Director (CEO) Priority


Bible Seminary Lecturer Priority
College or University Lecturer Priority
Mission Mobilizer Priority
Outreach to Chinese Migrants Priority
Teachers for Faith Academy
Treasurer/Bookkeeper Priority


Evangelist, Church Planter, Pastor for Diaspora Chinese
Evangelist, Church Planter, Pastor for Diaspora Chinese

South Korea

ESL Teachers and Lecturers for SIMTI Seoul Priority
ESL Teachers for Koreans SIMTI Priority Under 1 year


AERC Educational Consultant
Church Ministry and Outreach 1-2 years
CSEA Administrative Assistant Priority Under 1 year
CSEA Finance Administrator Priority
CSEA Finance Director Priority
Director of Development for AERC
English Teacher Intern for University Students at The Centre Priority Under 1 year
ESL Teacher for University Students at The Centre Priority
ESL Teachers for Medical University Students
Evangelism/Church Planting in Northeast Thailand
Executive Director of The Well International
Home School Teacher 1-2 years
Home School Teacher Priority Under 1 year
House Parent for Missionaries' Children Priority
IT Technician for AERC
Muslim Ministries Director
Personnel Administrator for C-SEA Regional Services Team Priority
Personnel Director
Psychiatrist for Cornerstone Counseling Center
SIM Thailand Administrative Manager
Sports Friends Asia Ministry Development Co-Leader Priority
Sports Friends Coaches Trainer (Volleyball) Priority 1-2 years
Sports Friends Internship 1-2 years
Sports Friends SE Asia Project Administrator Under 1 year
Sports Friends Trainer and Coordinator (General) Priority
Sports Friends Trainer and Coordinator (Girls' and Women's Ministry Focus) Priority
Sports Friends Trainer and Coordinator (New Regions and Initiatives Focus) Priority
Teacher for Covenant Christian School
Teachers and Staff for Grace International School
Teachers for Chiang Mai International School, Thailand
Teachers for Thailand
Teachers for the School of Promise, Thailand
Treasurer for C-SEA Regional Services Team Priority
University Campus Outreach Priority
University Ministry National Team Leader Priority


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