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Addis - Bridge School of English ESL Instructor
Career: Community Education
Country: Ethiopia
Length of Service: 1-2 years
Priority: Normal
PRF Number: 9033

Are you a native English speaker? This already gives you amazing opportunities for getting the gospel story to people who have never heard it before!

Come to Ethiopia and teach English in a new ESL school. Ethiopia has made English the language of higher education. The demand is huge for young adults to improve their spoken English. Expect classes with plenty of discussion opening the way to invite them to free extra classes to further practise their English and to explore faith and the Bible. You will help lead some of these. They will be sensitively handled to serve Orthodox and Muslim Ethiopians and some Chinese, Koreans, and other Africans.

We need two teachers with one year's ESL experience, and we need one teacher with greater experience who can develop curriculum.



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