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Secondary Teacher for International Study Group
Career: International Schools and MK Education
Length of Service: 1-2 years
Priority: Normal
PRF Number: 8895

Imagine you are working in a remote part of central Asia. You have children who need a good education, and home schooling is the only option. You have been home schooling and doing the best you can. But now your children have reached higher grade levels and could use the daily input of trained teachers. Others in your city are in the same situation.

Now imagine that for a few hours each morning two teachers were available to teach your children several subjects, supporting you in providing a high level of education that these children need and allowing you to continue in the work God has called you to do.

This is the unique opportunity open to two teachers. They would share in planning and running a study group for international middle- and high school-aged MKs whose parents are part of a church planting team in an Asian M*m context. Subjects to be taught include Language Arts, History, and Science. Class hours would only be in the mornings, allowing you the opportunity to do language study or become involved in some of the activities of the church planting team. Teachers trained or experienced in the North American curriculum are preferred.

Could God be leading you to provide education services to these families, enabling experienced workers to stay in their ministry longer? Would you be willing to encourage the children living in sometimes challenging situations? This could be for you!



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