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Agriculturalist at a Bible School
Career: Development and Relief
Country: Benin
Length of Service: More than 2 years
Priority: Normal
PRF Number: 8821

Are you trained as an agriculturalist? Would you ever think that this skill could be used in missions? It can!

The SIM-related church denomination in Benin is training men and women for ministry at a number of Bible schools around the country. An on-site agriculturalist at either of the Bible schools would work with the students offering training in better agricultural methods which would help provide for their needs during their stay at the school.

A specialization in raising livestock, gardening, processing food (how to better prepare and preserve foods), improving seed quality, improving water and wells, or reforestation would be helpful.

The agriculturalist at either school would study the possibilities, plan and demonstrate innovative agricultural methods, instruct and guide the students in their field work, increasing their knowledge and skills in these areas.

Once the students arrive in their place of ministry, they can use these better methods to provide for their own needs, to supplement their often meager incomes, and to show their new community better farming methods.



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