Prayer Updates
Asia Pacific
Youth Ministry Vision-Caster
Career: Children and Youth
Country: Bangladesh
Length of Service: Under 1 year
Priority: Normal
PRF Number: 8661

If you really enjoy mixing with young people, you might enjoy creating youth ministries for them in Bangladesh. Teen life in Bangladesh looks similar to teen life elsewhere in many respects. Many in school face pressures from family and society to succeed. In general, academic pressure in Bangladesh is greater than in most Western countries. Teens in Bangladesh are learning how to balance their school, family, and friend obligations. Intertwined through all of these tensions is the desire to have fun and be loved while still staying out of trouble. These youth deserve a focused effort to be reached with the Father's Good News.

What the youth of Bangladesh need is a Vision-Caster with a passion to reach the youth and show them the life changing effect of the Rescuer on the rest of their lives. The Vision-Caster's goal would be to build relationships with youth, and through these relationships, determine two or three concrete, long-term programs to implement in the lives of Bengali youth.

The Vision-Caster will be accountable to the SIM Team Leader who will be available to give guidance and input throughout his/her stay in Bangladesh. At the end, the Vision-Caster will submit to the Team Leader a 2-3 page summary of the work, including current findings and future recommendations for programs and/or additional research.

Bengali youth love getting to know people from different cultures and countries. They are curious and inquisitive about anything foreign and eager to learn and stretch their horizons. When not in school, young men and boys love sports. Young women and girls are extremely social within their gender group and take every opportunity they can to spend time with each other. We believe these are two good starting places to get to know youth and determine what are the best ways to reach them based on their passions and interests.



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