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Addis - Seminary (ETC/EGST) ESL Instructor
Career: Theological Education
Country: Ethiopia
Length of Service: Under 1 year
Priority: Urgent
PRF Number: 8625

Are you prepared to teach English as a second language or a foreign language? Who knows? This might be the opportunity God had you prepare for!

Opportunities abound in Ethiopia for TESOL\ESL trained teachers in a number of theological seminaries. You might also use this opportunity to complete a TESOL internship under the supervision of a trained TESOL (MA applied linguistics) instructor. This is a strategic ministry that will enable church leaders and potential Ethiopian foreign missionaries to develop the English language skills they need to strengthen the Church in Ethiopia and serve as cross-cultural missionaries in other countries. The Church in Ethiopia is growing quickly and needs trained leaders who can interface with the worldwide body of Christ and advance God's kingdom around the world.



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