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Asia Pacific
Short-Term Medical Teams
Career: Teams
Country: Bangladesh
Length of Service: Under 1 year
Priority: Normal
PRF Number: 8566

Are you a physician with a penchant for travel? Do you enjoy helping people who cannot help themselves?

A significant shortage of qualified medical care is the norm for the general population of Bangladesh, resulting in a high degree of suffering for the general population, both urban and rural. We believe that God could use a short-term medical team to provide relief and that short-term medical teams can be used to strengthen community relations and build goodwill in the communities where we work. Through the provision of short-term medical teams, we can demonstrate in practical ways our love and concern for the people of Bangladesh.

We envision medical teams varying between one and six members, serving for periods from between one to two weeks. Medical teams can be general service teams providing a wide variety of medical care and advice, or they can also be specialized teams for dealing with specific medical needs related to hearing, vision, nutrition, women's issues, diabetes, child issues, arsenic contamination, etc. Our company looks forward to working with interested individuals and groups willing to help the people of Bangladesh and be a strategic part of our overall spiritual and physical outreach efforts and goals.



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